Rayzr 7 300W Daylight LED Fresnel

So I've been banging on about this light on social media for a while now, it's taken a while for me to get my hands on one, but the good people at Rayzr 7 were kind enough to send me a loaner to test out.

A little about the light from the official website


The Rayzr7 LED fresnel series is approximately 50% brighter than similar traditional 1K (1000W) tungsten lights and the brightest 7” LED fresnel in its class, matching the light output of other 10” fresnels. With a maximum of 10675 lx@3m | 18° and flicker free performance up to 15000 fps it provides enough power for a wide range of applications, from still life to high-speed.


I, along with many other cinematographers, have been shouting out for a low cost, high powered LED fresnel for what seems like an eternity. There have been many jobs where budget and crew has restricted the lighting package that I take. A light like this will add so much production value, especially if you don't have the budget for the big boy HMI's. Though this light isn't as powerful as a HMI, you can still get that punchy look, albeit on a smaller scale. That and not only does it plug into house power, but it can run off a battery too!
For so long us users of LED panels have been stuck with a spread of soft light that is hard to control and falls off very quickly.
With this fresnel, I can position this outside and fire it into a room and get a big punchy source that I can do so much with. I can dim it with the built in switch, diffuse it if I want a bigger soft source, blast it in the background and get a hot source on a wall, the floor or some furniture, perfectly mimicking the sun. I can even add some haze and get those lovely light rays I've been dreaming about from an LED light.


As with all F&V products, they pride themselves on the quality of the light. This LED is no different, boasting a CRI of 98 and a TLCI of up to 98.


The RAYZR 7 fresnel series is at the forefront of colour accuracy, producing pure white light with truthful colour rendition and an average TLCI of up to 98, which is leading in the industry.

Measured at TLCI 98, the Rayzr 7 provides excellent colour reproduction across the entire spectrum. This ensures the same great and vibrant colour reproduction on different camera sensors.


I've done some limited controlled tests with the light, I measured the light power compared to the measurements available online. Without delving into too much detail, I found they were very accurate.
The official figures below were pretty much spot on with my tests. 

I managed to get to shoot some real world tests with it and it's surprising how much you can get from this lamp. I even achieved a night for day look after playing with the grade a little.
As you can see below, firing the light in through the window at full spot gave me a very hot source on my subject and some hot spots on the furniture. Backlighting with haze gets you a very moody atmosphere too.

With some tinkering in the grade you can achieve a night for day look

Very happy with the light, so much so that I don't want to give it back (wink wink) because this fresnel will be used on pretty much everything I do. I'll be taking this on every job, commercial, documentary and narrative.

For more info on the light, check out the official site here.
And you can you can purchase the 300w daylight from here.

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